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Since its foundation, Matachana has maintained a professional and efficient projects office.
Consequently all of our commercial divisions currently enjoy the support of specialist project managers for each sector of activity.

Our team of project managers defines and maintains standards for processes related to the design architecture of the installations. Creativity, experience and professionalism are applied throughout the entire process, from the project concept to the commissioning of the installation.


Matachana's Projects Office develops "turnkey" solutions for sterilization centres anywhere in the world, taking into account the production levels, efficiency and safety of each centre, as well as its peculiarities and needs.The images show the different areas of a sterilization centre that has been completely planned and installed by Matachana: washing and disinfection equipment, loading and unloading systems, transport trolleys, furniture and storage solutions, as well as software for traceability throughout the entire centre and operating theatres.

: integrated solutions for sterilization centres.


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